End-of-Contract Checklist


Reconcile your agency's records to the SPARC Web Reports on your agency's grant activity

We recommend reconciling your monthly payment received to the expenditures submitted. Helpful reports for doing this include:

Reconciliation prior to submitting your final invoice is crucial. If a report sent by your agency is not received or processed, your agency could be paid less than the amount to which it is entitled. Before the end of the grant closeout period for your contract, be sure to reconcile your agency records to the SPARC reports on the web:

  • To see total contract amounts, including expenditures reported and reimbursements made, review the Contract Balance report for the final month of your contract.
    Tip: Contracts are only included on the Contract Balance report while the contract is active. So, if you had a contract code that ended earlier in the year, you must go back to the Contract Balance report for that ending month.
  • If the expenditure total on the Contract Balance report does not match your records, review the Monthly Expense Detail report to verify what expenditures your agency has reported to DCF and what expenditures DCF has added to your contract, such as worker's comp. for W-2.

How are grant closeout reports submitted?

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