Dashboard Agency Reports

Navigating Within the SPARC Dashboard

Once in the Dashboard, select which Report and Report Month/Year you wish to view.

Select the first letter of the Supplier Name from the first dropdown menu, and then the full Supplier Name from the 2nd dropdown menu. Open the Selected Report.

Filtering SPARC Dashboard Reports

Once in the report, you can expand or condense the search results for that report by entering or deleting prompts in the User Prompt Input section on the left hand side of the screen.

If you would like the report to include multiple values for a prompt, click on the Advanced Button. This will bring up all the available prompts that can be filtered on. If you want the report to include several suppliers, for example:

  • Highlight “Enter Supplier Name (Optional):” in the Prompts Summary section on the left.
  • Click Refresh Values to show all available values, or search for a value in the box below next to the binocular icon.
  • Highlight the Supplier Name in the middle box and click > to include it in the report.
  • Highlight the Supplier Name in the box on the right and click < to remove it from the report.
  • When you are finished modifying the prompts, click OK to view the report.

Saving and Printing SPARC Dashboard Reports

As you move your curser over the SPARC Dashboard Report, a menu will appear at the top of the report. The report can be saved by clicking on the disk icon from this menu bar or printed by clicking on the printer icon.