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SPARC System Processes and Website Updates

To Access SPARC

Users need to use their WIEXT ID . If a user does not have a WIEXT ID, they will need to set one up. Follow link for detailed instructions.

Funding Sources

DCF Funding Sources for 2021 have been published.

SPARC Processes

SPARC is the DCF system for monitoring and paying grant contracts to DCF sub-recipients using the following codes:

  • Contract code
  • Line Code
  • Class Code


  • Document Upload Instructions
  • SPARC is a Replacement System.
  • DocuSign is the process signing contracts.
  • Contract payment dates from DCF are included in contract language.
  • Contracts will appear in the Reports tab when approved by DCF not when signed by agency.
  • Payments will be processed only after agency signs contract using docusign.

We have added the ability for you get your agency's  information on an individual report. Check out your Agency Reports on the Agency Dashboard.

Final reports for contracts that end December 31, 2020 are due March 31, 2021.

The County RMS and Cost Allocations report has been published and will be updated daily just like the other reports. 

Closing Grants on SPARC and Filing Final Reports

The SPARC system allows you to revise reports for 90 days which is consistent  with most contract terms. After reconciling the grant expenditures and payments enter the final numbers on the report for the last month of the grant,

For example, for contracts ending in June 2020, agencies have till 9/30/20 to submit their final expense to close out the contracts.   To close out a contract ending in June, select JUNE 2020 as an expense month/year,  open the report and only change the amount on lines that need to be revised. If no revisions are needed,  no actions are needed.  DCF will run the close out payment in mid-October.


DUNS numbers have been replaced by UEI numbers in 2022

No action is necessary at this time.  Click the link for more information. 


SPARC Resources

Training Presentation - RMS RMTS  Rosters and Cost Pools 

This presentation was created for the Wisconsin Human Services Financial Managers Association (WHSFMA) conference May 2018.

New Financial Manager Training Presentation - Using SPARC and Cost Pools

This presentation was created for the Wisconsin Human Services Financial Managers Association (WHSFMA) New Employee Orientation September 2018.