Reports Information


SPARC Agency reports are updated each night on the SPARC web pages. From the DCF SPARC home page click on the Reports tab, then choose which from the drop-down menu. After you select one of the drop-down options you will generally see a screen with options to choose which calendar year and/or month you wish to view. Reports that review historical data for a longer period of time will simply provide a link to the single report.

Navigating Within the SPARC Reports

For example , if you select a month under Contract Balance by Agency, that month's position  will be displayed.

 Then using your keyboard, hold down the control CTRL key and the F key. This will bring up a dialog box.

Type in the Agency you are searching for and it will bring you to that Agency. Click on the Agency name to review that selected report.

If you wish to see just one agency's report, without the navigation links, right-click on the Agency name and select "Open in New Window".

Printing SPARC Reports

To print a SPARC report, save the report into one of your folders as an excel file. Print as you would any other excel report.

Saving Data to Excel

Use the "save as" feature to save your report to one of your folders.