Agency Contract Detail

This is a monthly report by agency of the expenditures submitted for reimbursements and the actual reimbursements listed by contract. The report also lists any state adjustments that may have affected your expenditure and reimbursement amounts for the month.

The report columns are described below the table.


Calendar Year 2023 SPARC Calendar Year 2022 SPARC Calendar Year 2021 SPARC

Contract Code

The SPARC contract code number. A Contract Code may have more than one Line Code summing up to the contract code.

Contract Name

The name of the SPARC contract code.

Line Code

The SPARC line code number. Expenditures are reported on line codes by either the agency or by the state.

Line Code Name

The name of the SPARC line code.


Indicates whether the line code is reimbursable or not. Y means yes, N means no.

Agency Expenditures

Expenditures reported by the agency on their SPARC expenditure reporting form for the month.

State Expenditures

Expenditures reported by the state gathered from sources other than the agency-submitted expenditures for the month. May also include adjusting entries made by DCF.

Total Expenditures

The sum of Agency Expenditures and State Expenditures for the month of the report.


The amount paid to the agency for agency and/or state-reported expenditures for the month of the report.