SPARC Funding Sources

Each year DCF accountants prepare a list of the state and federal funding sources used for grants that are paid in the SPARC system. The spreadsheets below include the Federal Assistance Listing (formerly CFDA) numbers and State ID numbers needed in agencies' audit reports, and estimated funding percentages when more than one source funds a grant program. If you need information on a SPARC Contract Code not listed here, please contact the DCF SPARC Team by email. If you prefer to phone, call Sue Losen at 608-422-6379 or Sara Schwoch at 608-422-6397.  


Calendar Year 2021 DCF Funding Sources

Calendar Year 2020 DCF Funding Sources

Calendar Year 2019 DCF Funding Sources

Calendar Year 2018 DCF Funding Sources

For additional information on Federal Assistance Listings, refer to the System for Award Management.