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Contract Balance by Agency

The Contract Balance Report is a cumulative contract to date report. It is valuable for tracking total expenditures vs. total reimbursements and for showing the current cash position. Agencies can determine why certain expenditures were not reimbursed (due to over contract, no signed contract, errors in reporting, etc.) The report columns are described below the table.

Calendar Year 2024 SPARC Calendar Year 2023 SPARC

Contract Code and Name

The number and name of the contract code.

Contract Start/End Period

The year/month the contract started/ended. The first four numbers are the calendar year and the second two numbers are the calendar month, where 1 is January and 12 is December.

Contract Amount

The total amount awarded to the agency by contract line. Contract amounts are only listed for sum sufficient or cappedĀ contracts. Non-capped contracts will be fully reimbursed; therefore, contract amounts are not listed.

Expenditure Amount

The total expenditures reported from the contract start period through the month of the report.

Percentage of Contract Spent

The contract expenditures to date are compared to the total contract amount.


The total expenditures reimbursed to the agency. The reimbursement equals  the total expenditures reported at the end of the contract (up to the total contract amount).

Expenditures Not Reimbursed within Contract

Expenditure amounts reported by an agency that are not reimbursed within SPARC. Examples of such expenditures are benefits paid through other DCF Systems and non-reimbursable portions of reported expenses (i.e., local match or local cost share).

Amount Over Contract

The total amount the agency has overspent the contract. These expenditures will not be reimbursed by the State. Non-capped contracts will be fully reimbursed.

Contract Balance

Total Contract Amount less Contract Expenditures to Date. Please note contract balance is only calculated for capped contracts.

  • Non-capped contracts will be fully reimbursed; therefore, no contract balance can be calculated and this column will state "not capped."
  • If an agency reports expenditures on a line code with no signed contract (due to incorrect reporting or not signing a DCF contract, this column will state "no contract."
  • If an agency had reported expenditures greater than a contract amount, this column will state "over contract."

Cash Position

Cash position equals the amount due to the State (negative position) or from the State (positive position) at the time of the last SPARC refresh (see date at upper left corner).