Accessing SPARC

To access SPARC users will need a WIEXT ID

If you do not have a WIEXT ID, you need to get one

WIEXT ID Set Up Directions

  • Go to
  • Click on the "Log In Creation" link
  • Click on the "accept" for the user agreement
  • Enter you First Name, Last Name, WORK Email address, (NOTE: Enter WORK email address so that you may recover/reset passwords)
  • Create a User Name (this can be anything that you can easily remember, but must be 5-10 characters, using only letters and numbers - no spaces or any special characters)
  • Create a password
  • Create a Password Recovery question
  • Enter the "Verification" number that appears in the box
  • Press Submit
  • (note: both your user ID and password are case sensitive)
  • If you need multiple WIEXT IDs, contact DCF Finance

After you have your WIEXT ID, request security by completing and following the directions in the "External SPARC Sign In Authorization Request" form.