Correcting SPARC Expenditures after the Grant Period has Ended


This procedure applies to reporting SPARC expenditures after the end of the contract period. Please check your grant agreement for the applicable time period (usually either 60 or 90 days after the ending date of grant period) for submitting final expenditure reports.

If the adjustment falls within the applicable time periods for your grant, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Corrections must be made to the SPARC submission for the last month of the grant.
  2. Since SPARC replaces the report, the entire last month report must be resubmitted. See example in the FAQs.
  3. The correct expenditure number should be used for those line codes where there are corrections.
  4. If the correct amount is zero, we  will leave blank or put a zero on the appropriate line code. Do not report a negative equal to the incorrect amount previously reported.
  5. When line code corrections are complete remember to click the submit button.

If the time period for adjustments has expired, please contact the appropriate for instructions on how to proceed.