Procedures for Required County Reports


Counties are required to submit Employee Count Report and Shared Cost Report, in addition to their direct cost report on the SPARC portal. Per contract terms, DCF will not make payments for the direct costs unless these reports are submitted timely to DCF.

Employee Count Report

  • Report is due quarterly (first week of March, June, September, and December).
  • The data should be as of the middle month of the quarter (February, May, August, and November).

Enter information in the following cells:

  1. Under the Employee Count column, enter all applicable positions (Percentages to allocate AMSO will be calculated using the data.)
  2. If you list any positions in the "All Other" line, list the breakdown of these positions in the box at the bottom of the form by clicking your mouse inside the box and typing data
  3. Remember to click Submit.

Shared Cost Report

Enter information in the following

  1. Line code 4076:
  2. Line code 4320: Include your costs in the IM/CC Cost Pool.

IV-E Cost pool


  1. Submit.

Remember:RMS will not be used to reimburse the counties. RMS is used for claiming federal dollars. Your direct costs and county allocated costs are used to reimburse your expenses.

If you have questions about these instructions, please contact